EcoHeat Latvia provides heat energy services to Latvian municipalities by installing and managing modern mobile (portable) wood chip container boiler houses

In Latvia, such a service is provided only by SIA EcoHeat Latvia

The company currently has installed and operates eight boiler houses in various Latvian municipalities

Services are provided by installing equipment manufactured by the group company EcoHeat Technologies, which is one of the most modern and leading manufacturers of thermal energy equipment in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries.

Locations of installed and new boiler

Customer benefits from working with EcoHeat

Customers do not have to make capital investments at their own expense, nor do they have to undertake equipment maintenance, warranties, etc. potential risks

The current or reduced heat tariff is maintained, in a situation where the customer does not have to make his own investments

It is possible to keep the previous heat source, because the mobile equipment is placed and connected in parallel with the existing boiler house

No need to hire extra people

If necessary, it is possible to increase the capacity, as it is possible to connect the modules in a cascade

The equipment complies with the EU's "green course" and CO2 reduction guidelines

Any questions?

Sandis Gromovs

Our company employs more than 50 professionals, including highly qualified engineers, and we have more than 10 years of experience in the production of a wide range of boiler house components. If you have any questions about EcoHeat services, technologies or if you want to cooperate, contact us today!

  Phone number:(+371) 29185197