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EcoHeat Holdings

EcoHeat Holdings is a group of companies incorporated in Latvia and specializing in production and operation of eco-friendly municipal and industrial heating solutions.

Our key portfolio companies:
– EcoHeat Technologies is a metal processing company specializing in production of modular boiler houses. We also offer steel subcontracting services. Our completed projects are in the Baltics and Scandinavia. We are capable of delivering projects throughout Europe.
– BioEx Latvian biomass trading platform online tool for everyone who uses biomass in Latvia – from producers and merchants to heating supply companies. The core value of the platform is the transparency of transactions, which based on information exchange and efficient price mechanisms – open auctions. Read more…..


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Modular Boiler House Experts

Strong Team

Our team consists of 50+ professional staff members, including highly qualified engineers.

In-house Capabilities

Our in-house capabilities allow to complete full cycle of metal sheet and profile assembling, welding, surface shot blasting, wet painting and final assembly.

In-depth Experience

We are experienced in a wide range of powerplant component manufacturing – hot water boilers, chimneys, furnaces, conveyors, flue gas ducts, air ducts, scraper bar pushers, multycyclones, platforms etc.

Advantageous Location

A wide range of metal processing is available due to location in Latvia’s most industrial area. We offer hot dip galvanizining, CNC turning and milling, large series CNC lasercuting and CNC bending.


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team of professionals

EcoHeat Technologies

Iveta Nagle

EcoHeat Technologies

Sandis Gromovs

Co-Founder & CEO
EcoHeat Technologies

Valters Naglis

Sales Manager
EcoHeat Technologies

Igors Lepins Žagars

Finance manager
EcoHeat Technologies

Mārtiņš Vītols

Trade manager
EcoHeat Technologies

Raivis Mētra

Production Manager
EcoHeat Technologies

Toms Savko

Chief Engineer
EcoHeat Technologies

Marks Ozolinkevičs

Project manager
EcoHeat Technologies

Igors Kolčanovs

Purchasing Manager
EcoHeat Technologies

Jeļena Laudama

Chief Accountant
EcoHeat Technologies

Aija Bensone

Quality Assurance Manager
EcoHeat Technologies

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