EH-T2 series (800 – 950 kW boiler)

Model: EH-T2-8

Fuel: Woodchips
Placement of boiler: Horizontal, above combustion chamber
Weight (without water): 13 t
Maximum work temperature for boiler: 110°C
 Temperature inside combustion chamber: 650-950°C
Type of furnace: One-way moving grate (grate chromium content Cr=26-28%)
Work pressure: up to 6 bar
Test pressure: 9 bar
Ash removal: Automatic
Fuel feeding: Automatic
·         Output capacity: 800-950 kW (wood chips wt=55%)
  • The furnace is made as a steel pipe frame, insulated with masonry and cooled with heatable water, the water temperature on each side of the furnace is regulated by motorized valves.
  • Every second row of grates move. The grates are moved by hydraulic cylinders. The composition of the grate is resistant to high temperatures and substances that occur during wood chip burning process.
  • Horizontal water boiler for closed water circulation system, equipped with a compressed air cleaning system for cleaning TURBO flues.
  • The ash cleaning system is activated by automatic control, operated by a hydraulic cylinder and two screw conveyors. The moving elements of the system are the ash pushers under the grate and the output channel ash pusher.
  • The primary air ventilator creates a set air pressure in the room below the grate, the air flows through the grate, where the fuel burns with gasification and flue gases are formed.