All In One Modular Boiler House Up To 3000 kW

Our transportable modular container-type boiler houses are tailored and supplied in complete operational compatibility to match consumers’ and installation companies’ demands. A systematic and innovative approach to product quality improvement and the production levels allow us to manufacture container-type boiler houses of 250 kW to 3000 kW capacity.

EchoHeat Technologies performs all kinds of work and services – from the design and documentation to installing and adjusting heating systems and assistance in getting regulatory approvals.

Following the European “green” direction, EcoHeat offers only renewable resource-driven boiler houses, specializing in biomass heating solutions such as wood chips, sawdust, bark and  different mixtures.

The boiler house is supplied with all necessary equipment. To provide energy to consumers, you need to set up an electric power supply connection, water supply, and fuel.