Manufacturing moving grate cast iron parts

The usage of chromium in biomass boilers at a volume of up to 28% of the total volume is relatively high compared to other applications.

The presence of chromium in the cast iron can improve its resistance to wear, corrosion and thermal fatigue, thereby increasing the lifetime of the grate.

To efficiently increase the service time of biomass boilers, the following maintenance works are recommended:

  1. Regular cleaning of the grate to remove ash and other residue, to prevent clogging and to maintain proper air flow.
  2. Monitoring and adjusting the air and fuel supply to ensure optimal combustion conditions.
  3. Regular inspection and maintenance of the fuel feeding system to prevent blockages and malfunctions.
  4. Regular inspection and maintenance of the control systems to ensure that the boiler operates within safe and efficient parameters.

EcoHeat Technologies provides manufacturing and installation of new grate systems in Baltics.  Solutions are customizable to client needs and all is required – chemical composition of specific grate and it’s drawing.

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